B-stick: Endorsing a life in music

B-stick welcomes Christer "Heavy" Löfgren to the B-stick Family!

Here is a warm welcome to the newest member of the B-stick endorser family.

Christer “Heavy” Löfgren is a Swedish drummer. His interest in drumming began at the early age of 10 and it kept growing steadily over the years.

In 1982 to 1983, he started playing in different bands professionally. He continued playing in several bands until 1993, where he decided to quit playing drums entirely.
He then started a new career working as a sound engineer.

For 15 years, he ran his own company called Loud’n’Light. He worked with Swedish Top musicians and big stars, like Suzi Quatro & Yngwie J. Malmsteen, just to name a few.

Fast forward to 2014 in London, where he made a comeback as a drummer, in the New Rock Folk band Voodoo CiTi. This kickstarted his current career as a drummer, and he is now playing in the Swedish Rock band KingsCross!

B-stick Endorser

Christer first discovered B-stick of Denmark in the 90’s. He enjoyed the durability and good quality of  B-stick. Therefore, his first choice of drumsticks will always be B-Stick of Denmark.

“Back in the nineties I tried out B-stick and I still think you make the best sticks in the world.” – Christer said when he contacted us about becoming an endorser. Therefore, we are happy to say that he is now an approved member of the B-stick Endorser Family.

Listen to KingsCross on Soundcloud and follow them on Facebook for information about their upcoming live performances and more.

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