B-stick welcomes our first female endorser

Marianne Heikkinen joins the B-stick family

We at B-stick are proud to announce our newest member of the B-stick Family: Marianne Heikkinen from Finland. Incidentally, she is the very first female endorser of B-stick.

Marianne Heikkinen is a 22-year-old female drummer. She started playing drums around the age of 10 and has been playing professionally for the past 6 years.

Currently Marianne is the drummer of the rock project Jess By The Lake and the pop project Jonna Ortju & Namu. She is also doing gigs with various artists as a freelance drummer.

Marianne Heikkinen B-sticks

New Album on the way

Marianne is currently in the studio with Jess By The Lake and recording their second album. The Debut album Under the Red Light Shine was released in 2019, and is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to check it out. If you love rock, you will love Jess By The Lake!

Jonna Ortju & Namu is touring Finland with Marianne behind the drums.
If you’re in Finland, you might be lucky to catch one of their shows; well, of course, when the world opens up again! 

Queen of the B-sticks

Queen Ball Head B-Sticks Marianne

Marianne started using B-sticks a year ago, after she was introduced to them by our partners in Finland, Viiking Musiikki, and she fell in love with B-stick immediately: “I’ve never used sticks with a better grip than B-stick, they fit perfectly in my hands!” she explains.

Marianne prefers the Queen Ball Head B-sticks, our quality handcrafted maple drumsticks. They have the same quality and specs as their big brother, the B-stick King Hickory drumsticks, but lighter – without compromising the longevity of the stick; or as Marianne says: “They’re also very lasting, I can easily play many gigs without breaking a pair; and that’s a lot coming from a heavy handed rock drummer!”.

We at B-stick are very happy to welcome Marianne into our B-stick Family, and we can’t wait to hear the upcoming album, recorded with B-sticks, and see her in action on stage, once they open up again. 

Until then, you can enjoy watching Marianne rock out with her B-sticks below.  

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