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About B-stick of Denmark

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After 30-years, B-stick of Denmark can still proudly state that we produce drumsticks made by craftsmen, not factory workers.

We spare absolutely nothing when it comes to providing our customers with the best drumsticks in the world.

Read B-stick’s history and what we have done to be Best.

Our King Hickory Drumsticks are turned from the finest American white-hickory and the Queen Maple Drumsticks are made from the best Hard Maple money can Buy. The King models are made from rare, fast-growth hickory trees. This gives wood with the best flexibility and shock absorption characteristics in contrast to slow-growth trees which are ideal for step-ladders, flooring, etc. 

Add to this the fact that we utilize the best part of the tree – the outer (sap wood) section of white wood around the middle darker core area of the tree; the choicest material of the log. After the drumsticks are shaped and sanded, they are hand-rolled a multitude of times for straightness. They are then carefully inspected for cosmetic flaws.

Beestix Wax

We then apply our exclusive non-toxic Beestix Wax©. This wax was developed by us using the finest genuine golden bees wax we could find. The wax seals the wood adding additional strength and creates a non-slip, greaseless, friction-grip which comes ‘alive’ when the wax is warmed by human hands. No slippery, glossy lacquer is ever used!

As a result, there is virtually no slippage due to sweaty hands. 


The drumsticks are then hand-sorted by weight and pitch and cosmetic attributes for optimal pairing. Our inspection process is extremely intensive; checked by trained inspectors at least 8-10 times before being released for packaging. No competitor comes close to our dedication to flawlessness. Finally, we pack our perfectly-paired drumsticks into sealed plastic bags to preserve and protect their physical qualities.


Mads “Morbus Crohn” Volf-Kjær (Red Warszawa) "live" with his B-stick drumsticks
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With B-stick you literally get more of bang for the buck!  The value is in the quality and effort we put into production and the extended life of our drumsticks. In the end you save money; not to mention the annoyance caused by frequent and premature drumstick breakage.

The “B” in B-stick stands for ‘Best’ – many drummers simply say they’re ‘Bad-ass’. Either way we know you won’t be disappointed. We may not be perfect, but we sure as hell want our drumsticks to be.

That’s the B-stick story… 

So whether you are drumming to Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Country, Gospel, Latin, whatever – we definitely have the right drumstick for you. And whether you choose hickory ‘King’, or the hard-maple ‘Queen’ – there is a B-stick model waiting to be your reliable buddy for a long time. Once bitten, you, like so many other drummers the world over, will ‘Stick with B-stick…the best drumsticks in the world. Period

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