Meet the newest B-stick family member!

Thomas Dannemand [Livløs] joins the B-stick family

B-stick Endorser Thomas Dannemand

At B-stick we always appreciate it when someone wishes to become an endorser, so of course we are happy to welcome our newest endorser Thomas Dannemand to the B-stick family.

Thomas, the drummer of the Danish melodic death metal band Livløs, was searching for drumsticks that would fit his need for tempo, precision and reliability.
”Being a metal drummer, where both tempo and volume matter greatly, it’s essential that my drumsticks are reliable and work for me.” he says.

So, in short, when he discovered the B-stick King 5b, he finally found a stick that would meet his requirements perfectly. 
I need the ability to feel that I am in control of my sticks, and that I don’t have to strain myself in order to create my sound.” he says and continues “This is why I have fallen for B-stick and their King 5b model!”

The B-stick choice

The King 5b is above all one of our endorser favourites.
It is made from the finest hickory wood, and coated with beeswax, which gives the stick its natural feel.
It comes with an acorn tip and a unique taper, as a result you get a stick that not only produces a full, fat sound, it also gives you lightning fast rebounds.
In other words, whether you require volume, speed, control, or focus, this stick has it all.

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Endorser for B-stick Thomas

Rocking Personalized B-sticks

When Thomas made his first order of B-sticks as an endorser, he also chose to have his sticks personalized with his signature and band logo. Consequently making his sticks unique and awesome looking.
Read more about how to get your sticks personalized here..

“The suitably raw and untreated surface makes the sticks fit perfectly in dry as well as sweaty hands, and you are left with a nice feeling of real wood and high quality.” says Thomas, and then he adds “The King 5b model has the perfect combination of light weight and control that makes the sticks feel like a natural extension of the arm, but without compromising control and volume. I am proud to be a part of the B-stick Endorser Family!”

Certainly, we too are proud to add Thomas Dannemand to our Endorsement roster.

Album release and touring

Thomas Dannemand and LIVLØS are currently out promoting their debut album ‘INTO BEYOND’ (released February 2018).
The album is dealing with feelings like loss, grief, failure and despair. Consequently it presents a distinctly matured band and perhaps their darkest, most ambitious work yet.

Check out Thomas’ drumming in the music video for the single “Rot & Ruin” below.

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