B-stick: Endorsing a life in music


B-Stick Welcomes a new member of the B-stick Endorser Family: Swedish drummer, Christer “Heavy” Löfgren.

The B-stick Gig Report

At B-stick we love music, especially the music you make with our sticks!
Here’s a report from one of our loyal B-stick family members from his gig at the Bloodstock festival.

Mystery winner located!

Carl David

A few days ago we started a full fledged search for the winner of our facebook competition. The mystery winner has now been located! Congratulations!

Where are you, winner?

where is the winner?

The winner of our Facebook competition is nowhere to be found, have you seen him?

Ole Lorenzen

Ole Lorenzen joins B-Stick and is now a member of the B-stick family.He plays the king B-stick 4a model Se video med med Telos

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