The Claes Antonsen B-stick Saga continues

Taking it to the test

A while ago, I welcomed Claes Antonsen to the B-stick family, and together we started working on designing his very own personal signature B-stick in pink!! Previously we left off with Claes having to test the sticks and decide on the best paint coating method. 

Claes Antonsen in black and white

For about a month and a half, Claes has put his B-sticks to the test. 
It is important to me, as the CEO of B-stick that our products are quality tested and live up to the B-stick standards. The stick must be durable, have a good balance, a secure grip and of course make the best sound.

To make sure the paint is durable, and will not chip easily, I tested out several methods of coating and let Claes try them out and he has finally decided which one to go for.
So far, so good.

Making a stick like the one Claes has requested, has been a very interesting challenge, and we are really close to the goal. 

Visiting the B-stick office

Claes came by the office today in Lyngby, and we played around with design ideas for the final print.
Using a marker, he painted the B-stick double stripes and scribbled the logo on, adding his signature at the end.

We also discussed whether the paint should reach the neck or just the shoulder of the stick.
We played around a bit with the idea, and decided to test them in action, giving Claes a chance to make his final decision in a practical test.

He is currently testing the sticks in the studio, rehearsing for a big concert with Thomas Helmig on June 11th in Århus at Ceres Park.
The goal is to have the sticks ready for Claes to show off at the big concert, so if you’re going, make sure to keep an eye out for the pink!

Claes drumming with markers

Keeping busy

As some of you may know, Claes Antonsen plays for all the big stars in Denmark, and he is a well-known face on Danish TV, where he and The Antonelli Orchestra, function as the house orchestra for many a TV show.
If you follow his Instagram, you will see how much fun he is having backstage, pictures of the places he has been, and of course, his new B-sticks.

One of the artists he is working with is Thomas Helmig, one the top artist in Danish pop music. Most people in Denmark, knows his name, and he has been a popular name since the 80’s. It is a big thing to be a drummer for a name like this. Big concerts are on their way, June 11th at Ceres Århus, and July 1st at The Roskilde Festival! Not a small feat at all.

The upcoming concert on June 11th will most likely be the debut for the new Claes Antonsen B-sticks. At least this is what we are aiming for.
As I am writing this, I have just received news from the printmaker, he is almost ready with the new silk print frame for Claes’ sticks.
The moment Claes decides on the painting design, the sticks will be sent into print. 

Patience is key

The pink sticks

It is certainly no quick process when designing a new stick, and we have been working on the Claes Antonsen B-stick since September last year, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

It has trully been a long journey of trial and error, and we are confident that, what we have created together is going to be one of the best B-sticks we have ever custom made.

If you think that this stick is really awesome and you want get a pair for yourself; then I have some good and bad news for you: The good news is, this stick can be yours too, as we will be adding this design to the fixed selection of Artist custommade B-sticks in the shop. The bad news? Well, you will have to arm yourself with patience just a little longer before it goes on sale. 

In the meantime, you can always try out the classic B-sticks.

Become a part of B-stick

Would you like to become an endorser for B-stick, feature on our social media and save money on your next order of b-sticks? Send me an e-mail at, and let us discuss your possibilities. 

Sincerely Michael, CEO

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