DriX joins the B-stick family

The B-stick family welcomes DriX

Michael and DriX

I am proud to present the newest addition to the B-stick family: Hendrik “DriX” Holm.
When Hendrik contacted me and asked to be a part of the endorsement program at B-stick, I was very impressed with his talent as a musician and we quickly came to an agreement about his endorsement.

Channelize the energy

Hendrik grew up in a musical environment; his father played folk music on banjo, and music was a natural part of his daily life. He always was fond of the drums, and since age 4, he dedicated himself to playing the drums. Music quickly became his preferred outlet, for all the pent up energy he harboured due to ADHD; it helped him channelize his excess energy and harness it as a superpower and turn it into creativity.

He graduated from Syddansk Universitet in 2019, majoring in Classical percussion. Even before graduating, he was already freelancing at the Royal Danish Orchestra and the Aarhus, Aalborg and Sønderjyllands Symphonic orchestra, which gave him a lot of experience and opened the doors to his musical career. He started composing musical exercises, which develop the general technical understanding of music. Occasionally he arranges masterclasses for a small number of conservatory students at the conservatory in Aarhus.

Diversity in the music

He finds his inspiration in a diverse variety of musical genres, and as such, his music taste is far from black and white. From listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra and then finding inspiration in Billy Cobham, – to Carter Beuford, Vinnie Colaiuta and Tomas Haake, just to name a few grains of sand in his musical Sahara desert of inspiration.

As such, he does not only play classical music, but also hard hitting progressive death metal; which means he has quite the consummation of drumsticks, because he often ends up breaking his sticks during practice and concerts. This made him look for a sturdy and durable brand of drumsticks, because it is quite expensive, having to buy new drumsticks all the time, which is where B-stick comes into play.

Personalized B-sticks

Hendrik prefers the 5b drumstick, because it gives him just the right sound and a comfortable grip that he needs. Which is why he decided to get the B-stick King 5b as his main stick, and had it personalized with his signature/logo. “The B-stick King 5b gives me just the right control, tone and grip that I need. It is the perfect tool for my music.” – He explains, “The durability of the B-stick King 5b is unmatched.”

Since 2016, he has published four albums with three different bands, and recently a lot is happening for two of his bands Anarchy Zone & Polars Collide, they are planning a tour and a support tour.
If you want to know more about the bands and Hendrik, you can follow him and the bands on Social Media.

I am proud to have Hendrik on board with the B-stick family, and looking forward to our future collaborations.

– Michael Brink, CEO

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