From cardboard box drummer to the best house orchestra in the world.

Exciting Endorser News

We are back with exciting news on the endorser front. 

For many months now, we have been cooking up a special surprise for you, and things are now coming together and looking very good. 
But let us start from the beginning of the story.

Earlier this year, B-stick CEO Michael Brink, got in touch with Claes Antonsen; a renowned drummer from Denmark, known from The Antonelli Orchestra, regularly featured in a broad variety of entertainment shows on Danish Television. The two of them had a long conversation about drumsticks, and drumstick designs. Claes mentioned that he had always wanted to adjust a few things to the design of his preferred drumstick, and as a result they decided to start a project together. 

Cardboard boxes

The story of Claes the drummer, begins when he, at the age of 13, decided to construct his own drums out of his mom’s empty laundry detergent cardboard boxes, and began practicing on a daily basis. He later got a real drum set, and was accepted at the local music school in Århus.
Together with a couple of friends, he started a band called “Cornflakes”. Only a few years later, around age 16, he started a new band called “Elevatordrengene” (The Elevator Boys). He had found his calling in life. 

Although his father had great expectations of him and tried to make him study physics and chemistry, Claes himself had different plans. He wanted to play rock music, and nothing could stop him from following his dream.

Claes and Cornflakes

Living the dream

Over the years he has been playing drums with almost every famous Danish musicians, and built himself a great career as professional drummer. His dream of becoming a rock musician certainly came true tenfold, as he ended up being the most diverse drummer; he can support any genre of music you can think of, truly a master of his art.

Claes and The Antonelli Orchestra was recently voted the world’s best house orchestra for the TV program Dancing With The Stars (Strictly Come Dancing / Vild med Dans). An amazing achievement for the band. 

The B-stick family grows

It is with great pride and absolute joy that we welcome Claes Antonsen into the B-stick Family!
As an Endorser for B-stick, Claes of course started thinking about which type of stick he would like to use, and although he enjoyed his old Vic Firth Steve Gadd sticks, he wasn’t completely satisfied with the design, and he had his own idea for a stick in mind. He shared his ideas for his very own personalised stick with Michael, and of course he decided to work with Claes on this very exciting project, which we will be sharing with you as it progresses. 

To be continued…

Claes and his drums

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