Finnish professional drummer joins the B-stick family!

Finnish drummer, Iiro Laitinen, joins the B-stick family!

Iiro Laitinen -B-stick Endorser

Today we would like to welcome Iiro Laitinen to the B-stick endorser family.

Iiro, a Finnish pro drummer, started playing drums at a young age and is now the drummer for the Finnish award winning blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen.

Despite being an up-and-coming drummer on the Finnish music scene, Iiro has already reached a staggering 100 shows per year, touring internationally with Erja Lyytinen, and played for an audience of no less than 80.000 people while being broadcast on Finnish national TV.
He even supported Carlos Santana at a show with 20.000 people in the audience.

Apart from touring with Erja Lyytinen, he leads a progressive rock band named Rantama, where his musical creativity really gets a chance to shine, making original music with a great band. 


The B-stick retailer and exclusive wholesaler shop in Finland, Viiking Musiikki, has had the pleasure of having Iiro as a regular customer since he was around the age of 7, and he has been a faithful user of B-sticks for a very long time. It was only fitting that he became part of the B-stick endorser family.

Popular B-stick model King 5a, is the new favourite.

Iiro B-stick King 5A

Iiro is active on his Facebook page: “Iiro Laitinen Drums“.
Here you can follow his adventures with Erja Lyytinen band, and Rantama. You can also watch videos from his live performances and read snippets from his life on the road.

“I’m glad to play with B-sticks!” Iiro says, “From my experience, I can say they are quality drum sticks that can take a beating! Hand made in Denmark, these sticks are specially coated with beeswax which gives the stick a smooth, natural grip.” Iiro is currently favouring the King 5a B-stick. This stick is one of our most popular sticks, made from hickory with an oval tip that produces great sound, has superior speed and just the right weight for a superb balance. “It has a combination of durability and right weight that fits my playing needs.” Iiro explains about his choice of the King 5a B-stick, and continues, “If you’re a drummer, I recommend giving B-stick a try!”

King 5a B-sticks
The King 5A, our most popular B-stick model. Made from hickory.

Music and live performance

Check out this live video from one of the Erja Lyytinen live shows, where you can watch Iiro doing what he does best: Swinging his B-sticks and beating up a sweet blues rhythm.

If you’re more of a “prog. Rock” kind of person, we recommend giving some of the original music of Rantama a listen! Check out this sweet music video of their song “Roaring Rapids”.

We are definitely looking forward to following Iiro on his adventures around the world!

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