Jarle "URUZ" Byberg - URGEHAL/SAINT DEAMON/SESSION. Loyal B-stick family member.



“B-Stick KING 3A became my saviour and solution; the PERFECT speed, balance and power, all in one!”

Jarle Byberg, born 1978 in Stavanger, Norway, has been a drummer since the age of 6. He studied snare drum back then for a couple of years with jazz drummer Barna Palko at the local music school. 

Moved to Hönefoss, Norway, at the age of 10 and played in his schools marching band there a couple of years. But it was boring to focus mainly on the snare and hihat, so a small, unknown kit was borrowed from a friend to learn how to master the whole kit. This was mainly done by playing after other drummers work and always aiming higher than what he could do at the time. At the age of 13, a Linko entry level kit was received as a birthday gift and the real journey began. 

After some Guns n’ Roses, Paradise Lost and Sepultura cover bands, Jarle joined a local band later known as Voluspaa before he joined unholy forces with the old school black metal legends Urgehal in 1997. Urgehal and has toured most European countries, as well as USA, Canada and Mexico and Jarle recorded 8 albums with them under his artist name Uruz.

Jarles blend of powerful, grooving yet technical drumming is well known, and Jarle is a highly sought after session drummer. You`ll find his signature drumming on more than 20 official releases, incl. SHINING (SE) Endezzma, In Lingua Mortua, Sarkom, Vulture Lord, Beastcraft, Den Saakaldte, Where Angels Fall, Nattsol and Blåhø. 

About B-stick:

“I was introduced to B-stick by Hellhammer way back, and I immediately found my new sticks. Ever since, I have been faithful to my KING 3A. Before I tried B-stick, I was used to 5A, but I was missing som backbeat power. I tried 5B`s but found them to heavy for my fast blast beats. B-Stick KING 3A became my saviour and solution; the PERFECT speed, balance and power, all in one!”

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