Mystery winner located!

Carl David

Lost and found!

Thanks to everyone who shared our facebook post, we were able to locate our mystery winner, Carl David Österberg!
He can now get his prize of 10 sets of Queen 3A B-sticks that he is eager to try out! 🤘

Honestly we were pleasantly surprised when Carl David contacted us Monday evening to claim his prize! 
He told us that one of his FB friends were kind enough to notify him about our search for him through the B-stick Facebook page!
How lucky is that?!
He was merely days away from missing out on 10 FREE pairs of B-stick drum sticks! And that would have been a crying shame!

Classical percussionist and more...

Carl David is originally from the town Örebro, right in the middle of Sweden. Here he started playing drums about 20 years ago. After doing the military service in the Royal Mounted Band of Sweden, he “change lanes” and started studying classical percussion. 🥁
He continued the studies at the college of music in Örebro, got a bachelor degree in chamber music and did an additional year of advanced studies with focus on interpretation. 👨‍🎓
In the last 3-4 years, he has done a dozen original performances of contemporary music and have recently finished his postgraduate in orchestral music.
Outside of his classical studies, he has been playing in cover bands, jazz bands, metal bands, worked with wind bands and recorded songs and CD’s in different genres.
And he will be rocking Stockholm with his band, Osukaru, on October 19th!🤘🤘
Good luck with the show!
We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy your new Queen 3A B-sticks!

Osukaru drummer CD
Carl David percussionist

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