A B-stick story pt.2: Introducing the Queen 2b JH drumboy Extreme

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Queen 2b JH drummerboy B-sticks

When Jesper Haugaard, asked if B-stick could produce a customized version of the Queen 2b stick for him, we accepted the challenge. The new stick was thicker than ever before, and most likely the thickest B-stick you’ll ever see. Naturally, since we were customizing his sticks anyway, he wanted to have his sticks personalized, sporting his signature as a part of the deal.
The sticks were produced, approved and ready to be branded with the B-stick logo and Jesper’s signature.

Personalized and ready to rock

After having checked that the sticks lived up to Jesper’s expectations, they were sent over to B-sticks partner print shop for the last step: branding.

Usually our B-stick brand is done by silk screen printing, and when a customer orders sticks with their signature, it will be done by laser print, as silk print is a very expensive process.

The silk screen print is prepared with a frame made especially for our logo print and reused with every print. One silk screen frame is made for each of our sticks, which means we have about 14 unique frames that can be reused every time we produce the sticks. Making a new frame is highly costly, which is why we usually don’t make customized frames. Although this time we made an exception. You see, none of the original frames we have would fit the customized size and shape of Jesper’s sticks, so we had to produce a new frame just for these sticks. Therefore, we decided to add his signature to the frame, and thus making his B-sticks unique in every way.  A new B-stick was born; The Queen 2b JH Drumboy Extreme.

When the silk screen print had been applied on all the sticks, our very own CEO Michael, started testing the quality of each stick by hand. This is a process where every single stick is being carefully tested for any faults there might be in the wood. It is a very important part of the process and done with great care and a love for the drumstick itself. We pride ourselves of the quality and durability of every stick we make, so of course these sticks, even though custom made, also had to be quality tested before sending them to Jesper.

Tried and tested

Now that the sticks had been branded and tested, all we had to do was to send them on their way to be united with their owner, Jesper. How would he find them? Were they satisfactory?
Jesper found the sticks to his utmost liking, and sent us a thank you note, which he would like us to share with you.

A letter from Jesper

“Hi everyone, my name is Jesper Haugaard and I’m the drummer of the Danish cult band “Witchcross”, the cover band “Whitesnake Tribute DK” and “Crime Club”.

In the past, I’ve been an avid user of the B-stick King 2b, and though I really liked the size of it, I wasn’t too fond of the weight, it was a bit on the heavy side for my liking. Although I knew that B-stick had a much lighter version of the stick in maple instead of hickory, the Queen 2b, I was afraid it wouldn’t be as durable and strong as the hickory stick. My concerns were completely put to shame after testing the Queen 2b stick and as such I have been using this stick for the past 3 years. 

I contacted the guys a B-stick with my request for the same stick in a thicker version, and I was extremely thrilled when they accepted the project and delivered, what I think, is the perfect drumstick for me: Queen 2b JH Drumboy Extreme. They made the whole stick a lot thicker, which includes a “fatter” tip, and as a result I get a perfectly distinct sound on the ride cymbal and hi-hat, as well as thunderous power from the rest of my kit! The durability is top notch and the balance of the stick is fantastic.
The best part is that the stick still is pretty light.

B-stick has provided me with the perfect stick that I will be using for the rest of my days as a drummer. No doubt about it!
Thank you so much B-stick!

Peace and love,
Jesper Haugaard”

Queen 2b JH Drummerboy extreme B-Stick
Jesper Haugaard, drummerboy B-stick
Jens Haugaard and B-sticks

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