The B-stick shop of drum sticks

Here at the B-stick shop you will find the best handcrafted drum sticks in the world. The King drum sticks are made from hickory and have different shaped heads and lengths. The Queen drum sticks are made from rock maple and here you also find different sizes. Our personalized drum sticks are engraved with the text you want – as long as it can fit in the template image. Our sticks finish is genuine organic beeswax, which gives you a great and comfortable grip and a long life to your new drum sticks. There are many other unique and handcrafted drum sticks in our shop, take a look and find the ones you want. Shop drum sticks here.

The best drum sticks in the world – B-Stick

Other items in the B-stick shop

Besides drum sticks, you can also find t-shirts, B-stick stickers for your bass drum or a bag for your drum sticks. Get your gear in place and make great music on your drum set.

If you have questions about our drum sticks, send us a message or call us.