Stamatis K. of The Silent Rage joins the B-stick family.

Welcome, Stamatis, to the B-stick Family!

B-stick’s newest endorser, Stamatis Katsafados of the Athens based melodic power metal band “The Silent Rage”, brings B-stick to Greece.

Stamatis Katsafados started his musical journey fourteen years ago. Since then he has played with several acts of different genres, recorded three albums and several EPs and toured throughout Greece and abroad. Currently he is the drummer of “The Silent Rage”, a melodic power metal band, based in Athens, Greece.

The Silent Rage has been around since 2006, and they have released one full length album in 2016 called “The Deadliest Scourge”, two EPs “The Silent Rage” in 2009 and  “Harvester Of Souls” in 2011. In addition, a 7″ vinyl single called “My Race Won’t Last”, from 2018.

They have shared the stage with acts like Shadow Gallery, Rage, Grave Digger, Stratovarius, Rotting Christ, Temperance, Primal Fear, Gus G and Destruction, just to mention a few.

Signature B-stick for Stamatis

Stamatis and his B-sticks

When Stamatis heard of B-stick and the possibility to get his own personalised signature B-stick, he decided to contact me, and asked to join the B-stick family. Of course, I welcomed him warmly, and we immediately started talking about the design for his personalised signature B-sticks.

Stamatis wanted his signature sticks based on the B-stick King 5b, one of the most popular B-sticks, with an acorn tip that provides a full and fat sound, lightning fast rebound due to the unique taper and provides great balance and durability. A fan favourite indeed.
“I am really proud of joining B-stick, a really fine drumstick company hailing from Denmark.” Stamatis said, when I asked him what his thoughts are on his new sticks, and continued: “The sticks you kindly provided me assure durability even on the heaviest of playing, well-balanced feeling and a smooth experience. I am looking forward to using them, both live and in the studio as well”.

Speaking of studio use, The Silent Rage is currently in the studio and recording their second album, and Stamatis is already using his new personalised signature B-sticks for the recordings. I am really looking forward to the results, and the drums will undoubtedly sound on point! 

Welcome to the B-stick family, Stamatis Katsafados!
I am looking forward to following your musical journey.

– Michael Brink, 
CEO of B-stick 

The Silent Rage links:
Official Website
Stamatis Katsafados on Instagram

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