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Damnation’s Hammer at Bloodstock Festival

B-stick and Bloodstock

At B-stick we really like music, or rather we love music and especially the music you make with our sticks! Seeing you putting them to good use genuinely makes our day.

When the loyal member of our B-stick family, Gary Bevan, sent us wonderful photos and footage from his band’s successful show at the Bloodstock festival (Derby, UK) this summer, we just had to share the news. 

August 9th around 3 PM on the Sophie Lancaster stage Damnation’s Hammer took the audience for a 40 minute tour de force – through hell and back!

Although the guys had felt the clammy hands of prestage nervousness, it dissipated the moment they went on stage. Gary knew that his newly acquired B-sticks would never fail him. He went on to perform filled with renewed confidence and consequently got in touch with us to say:
– “The grip is amazing and I love the weight and feel of them when I’m playing”

B-stick King 5B
Unseen Planets Deadly Spheres album cover

It was a first for them performing at the festival, but the Bloodstock team made them feel in the best of hands before, during and after the show.

Their setlist included songs from their album Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres

B-stick proudly presents this footage of the song Deathcraft performed live on the Sophie Lancaster stage. 

Damnation's Hammer rocking out
Gary and his B-sticks King 5B

Their single Temple of the Descending Gods is definitely worth listening to. Check out this cool lyrics video and take a soul trip to the deepest darkest corners of hell.

Upcoming gigs

Damnation’s Hammer will be supporting the American thrash legends Sacred Reich on November 28th in Manchester and in Newcastle on November 29th! 
They will also be at the 2020 Incineration festival in London on May 9th.
Make sure to mark your calendar and follow their Facebook page for more information about upcoming gigs.

Recently they also supported English thrash legends Xentrix on their Blackpool gig, October 27th and we can’t wait to hear more about this and future gigs. 
Until then we recommend checking out their homepage or bandcamp page for more stories, news and upcoming gigs.  

Gary Bevan with B-sticks at Bloodstock Festival

Damnation’s Hammer, Bloodstock Festival Setlist

  1. Temple of the Descending Gods
  2. Disciples of the Hex
  3. Deathcraft
  4. Wolves of Aquarius
  5. The Hex III
  6. Entrance to theFinal Chamber
  7. Hammers of War

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