Brushes & Rod Sticks

Brushes and rod sticks at B-stick for drummers. You can find different types of Brushes and rod sticks at B-stick . Depending on the sound you want from the stick, the typical options are; wood brush with wood rod, wood brush with plastic rod, nylon brush and steel brushes with and without a rod.

The different materials provide different sounds when you use them. The most common brush uses metal wires. They make for a bright snappy sound when hitting the drum and a crisp and present swish when sweeping across the head.

Newer brushes uses plastic or nylon wires which gives a more subdued, duller and warmer sound when sweeping, and when striking the drum a more plastic like sound.

The retractable or fixed handles, what to choose. The retractable handles lets you decide how much of the brush wires you want to use, whereas the fixed handles gives you other possibilities. The fixed handles comes in rubber, wood, plastic and aluminum. The rubber ones stay put in your hands while the others move more around. Find your favorite here.

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