Hickory Drumsticks (KING)

Hickory is the wood with the highest impact strength and at the same time it has great flexibility. If you are a hard-hitting rim player, hickory drum sticks should be your choice.
Hickory is the overall most popular wood for drumsticks. The King hickory drum sticks from B-stick are all handmade and off great quality. The coating in beeswax gives a good grip as well as a long life for each stick.

The King drumstick series gives you many lengths and thicknesses to chose among, and a lot of different tip sizes. Many drummers use the King 5A or 5B drumsticks. Find your favorite drumstick here.

Do you want it personalized with an engraving of your name or band name, you just have to get the text to fit inside the template image. Get your personalized drumsticks from B-stick here.

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