Personalized Drumsticks

Would you like to get your band name or your own name engraved on the drum sticks you use? Read on – because we can do this for you, make you personalized drumsticks from B-stick.

All you have to do is choose the the model and how many pairs of drum sticks you want personalized.

Template for Personalized B-sticks. Click to download HiRes .jpg file.

Above you can find the image template for download. The template area is 8 x 1 cm. You can edit the file and send it back to us with your graphics, text, or whatever or you can print it out, draw on it, scan it and send it back or you can just mail it to us and we will scan it for you.

The higher the resolution the better.  The simpler the better! Make sure you stay within the black box – you do not have to fill out the area – but that is all the space you’ve got.

Consider using personalized drumsticks from B-stick as gifts for your fans, they will love it!

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