Where are you, winner?

Have you seen our winner?

⌛️A long long time ago…
(or in May actually) we ran a competition on our Facebook page.
A winner was found, contacted directly by e-mail and announced right here on this page, and yet we have had no reply from him!😰

The lucky winner, Carl David Österberg, never claimed his prize!!😱
Which is why we are now giving him 1 week to respond, and if he doesn’t, we will select a new winner from our newsletter subscribers!😎

Carl, if you see this, then hurry up and send us a reply by e-mail! We need a reply by September 16th, or we will have to select a new winner!!😲

If we have to find a new winner, we will select one at random from our newsletter subscribers!! 📧
This means that YOU could still become the lucky winner! Yes, YOU! So if you haven’t already signed up to our newsletter, do so now if you want a chance to win! 🎉

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Do you know our winner? If you do, be sure to send him our way! (Or not, if you want a chance to win yourself 😂🤣)

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